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Our shoes are made in EU sizes which do not equate exactly to UK or US sizes. If you know your UK shoe size but want to know your foot width, follow the instructions below. For ease, you can also print these instructions and corresponding shoe sizing chart by clicking the link below.

Click here to download our printable foot measurement guide and chart here

Measure your foot width 

You will need: A pencil, tape measure, ruler and a piece of paper

  • Take a seat and place your feet flat on the floor.
  • Take the tape measure and place it under your foot at the widest part.
  • Wrap the tape measure all the way around the widest part of your foot and record the measurement in cm. Do not try to tighten the tape measure.
  • Record the measurements of both feet and use the widest measurement to find your foot width on the chart below.
  • Locate your normal UK shoe (2nd column) and read across to columns 5 or 6 to find your foot width in cm. As our shoes are made in either EE or EEE fittings these are the only measurements we show on our chart. If your feet are slightly wider than a EEE fitting, or slightly narrower than a EE fitting you may still find our shoes suitable.

Measure your foot length

If you are confident of your normal shoe size, we always advise you to stick with it.  However, if you are unsure of your size, use the following guidelines below.

  • Take a seat and place your feet flat on the floor.
  • Place a piece of paper under your foot.
  • Using a pencil, draw all the way around your foot keeping the pencil as near to the foot as possible
  • Draw a line at the very top and bottom of the foot drawing and measure the distance in cm. Find this measurement in the 1st column on the chart below. Read across to find the Sargasso & Grey EU equivalent shoe size (column 3).

Our shoes are either EE or EEE fittings. 

Foot width measurement chart for UK and EU sizees

Please note our shoes are made to EU sizes and these do not equate exactly to UK sizes. Some of our sizes do differ from EU sizes. We use our experience and customer feedback to offer the UK comparable size. Please also note that the difference between half sizes in EU fitting is 0.4cm, whereas UK half sizes differ by 0.5cm so a half size bigger or smaller in an EU sized shoe will be not as significant as a UK sized shoe. 

Once you know your foot width you can view all of our wide fitting shoes here.

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