Wide Fit Embellished Ballet Flats - Navy Velvet

Navy Velvet Wide Fit Flat Shoes 

These exquisite wide-fitting navy velvet flats, with their elegant embellishment, are perfect for the festive season. We have only made a few pairs, so treat yourself to a little exclusivity!

If you haven't tried our fabulous flats before your feet are in for a treat. Designed to look sleek and stylish, but crafted to offer superior comfort and support for the foot where many ballet flats fail. In addition to their extra-wide EEE fitting toe box, they have a small 1cm heel, padded arch support, and a memory foam padded leather insole which all combine to create a cushioned platform for your feet.

This style is also perfect if you have bunions as the shoe has an upper that fully and comfortably covers the bunion rather than cutting across it, as many other ballet flats do. 

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  • Crafted using bespoke lasts with a wide EEE fit toe box to give feet more breathing space
  • Soft velvet upper which is cut high to prevent cutting across bunions
  • Soft leather insole incorporated with memory foam padding and breathable arch support for superior comfort, enabling day long wear
  • Durable leather sole
  • 1cm heel