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Comfortable, Fashionable Wide Fit Shoes

Why Wide Fitting Shoes?

Why do we make all of our shoes in a wider fit? Because we believe this is what a large number of women need and they are not finding suitable shoes on the high street. We know this because we surveyed 900 women and over half told us they needed a wider fitting shoe. This is not because the majority of British women have wide feet, it is simply because they wear shoes that are too narrow for their feet. The reason they do this is because most of the shoes available in the UK are manufactured overseas, predominantly in the Far East, where women’s feet are naturally narrower.

For too long women with wide feet, swollen feet or bunions have had to settle for practical yet unattractive and unflattering shoes and there were no options to combine both comfort and style. Sargasso & Grey create comfortable, fashionable wide fit shoes.

About Our Shoes

Our shoes are also manufactured overseas, in Spain, by master shoe makers, but we use bespoke Lasts (shoe moulds) that have a wider fitting toe box to ensure that our shoes have a little more space at the front of the shoe to enable feet to relax and maintain a more natural shape without feeling squeezed.

Our shoes, all made in a wider fit, are different. We design our shoes to be wide enough where needed so that they offer real comfort, not just for an hour but for the whole day. This means you can wear our comfortable, elegant wide fit shoes for work, for a wedding or special event, or simply as a comfortable yet stylish everyday shoe.

About Us

Sargasso & Grey is a luxury British shoe company specialising in designing and creating exquisite wide fitting shoes for women who have wide feet, bunions, or who simply need a wider fitting shoe.

Each season we expand our collection to offer more wide fitting shoe styles so that our loyal customers have lots of wider fitting options. Whether they need shoes for a special occasion, for the office or for more casual wear, our shoes make the perfect choice. 

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