Finding your EU shoe size 

Our shoes are made in EU sizes which do not equate exactly to UK or US sizes, as demonstrated on the shoe comparison table below. If you know your UK shoe size you can find the nearest EU equivalent size on the table below.

How to find your EU shoe size

Place a piece of paper on the floor. Place your foot flat on the paper and draw around it. Measure the length in CM from the heel to the tip of your foot. Use the chart below to find your shoe size.


How to determine your foot width 

Once your know your EU shoe size measure all the way around the widest part of the foot using a tape measure. Locate your EU shoe size on the chart below and read across to find the according foot width.

Our shoes are either EE or EEE fittings. Please note that different styles of shoes may fit slightly differently.

Once you know your foot width you can view all of our wide fitting shoes here.

Click here to download our printable foot measurement guide and chart here