5 Ways Our Shoes Encourage Sustainable Shopping

5 Ways Our Shoes Encourage Sustainable Shopping

In addition to ensuring our manufacturers act ethically and play their part in reducing their negative environmental import, we also make active decisions on how we design and craft our shoes.

1) Our Shoes are Built to Last

All of our shoes are manufactured using exceptionally high-quality leathers, including robust leather soles, as we are passionate about creating footwear that endures.

 2) We Shun Fast Fashion

We consider our designs very carefully and we do not follow “the hottest trends”. Neon might be the colour of the season but will you really be wearing shocking pink shoes next summer? The last time neon was fashionable was the early 90s, so unless you want to hold onto those neon shoes for another 30 years…….! We want our shoes to become your wardrobe staples. This means creating shoes and bags that come in stylish yet classic styles which you know can be worn, with confidence, season after season.

Classic navy wide fit court shoe and matching bag

3) Our Designs are Trans-Seasonal

This simply means many of our shoes are made in styles and colours that can be worn all throughout the year. For example, we make a lot of navy shoes. Not only is navy a hugely popular colour is also just as popular in summer as winter (think nautical navy in summer and midnight navy for those dark winter evenings).


 wide fit navy suede cross strap flats


Many of our shoe styles are also perfect for summer or winter wear. Our Kitty and Sorcha flats look great on bare feet, but also fabulous when worn with a pair of dark tights in winter.


Wide fit tan leather flat shoes for winter or summer

 4) Reassuringly Expensive

Don’t think high cost always means high quality. Often you are simply paying for the brand name. Our shoes are expensive but the high cost reflects the superior quality. Our shoes are made using bespoke wide fitting lasts. The original model is handmade in England and sent to Spain where it is replicated and resized to reduce the need to ship large quantities of lasts abroad. The shoes are created using the best and softest leathers. They are hand-lasted, crafted with methodical cutting and stitching (not stuck with toxic glues) and they encompass padded leather insoles, breathable arch supports and durable leather soles.

Our shoes are hand lasted

5) Quality over Quantity

We see our shoes as investment pieces, which should be looked after and cared for. This is why they all come with a cotton dust bag to keep then clean and protected when they are not being worn. Our leather soles can also be easily repaired as they become worn over time. And whilst our shoes are definitely a considered purchase, we believe it is better, and more cost-effective over the longer term, to invest in a pair or two of high-quality shoes that will last for years, rather than buying several pairs of low cost but low-quality shoes which will become landfill when they break or fall foul of fashion trends.


Shoes as an investment





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