Why Choose Wide Fit Shoes?

Why Choose Wide Fit Shoes?

Did you know that over half of 900 women we surveyed in the UK said they needed a wider shoe fit? So does this mean the majority of women in the UK have wide feet or does it simply mean that shoe companies aren't making their shoes wide enough? We think it is the latter. It is really important to take care of your feet. After all, you only get one pair in your lifetime and once you damage them, there is no way back. Even if you don't think you have particularly wide feet there are really good reasons to opt for a wider fit shoe. Here are some of them.............. 

1. Avoid Blisters and Corns 

It goes without saying that if you wear shoes which are too tight it won't be long until they start to rub. Continued friction of feet against shoes will result in blisters in the short term and corns over the long term. Corns are ugly and painful. They can be treated but continued friction in specific areas will leave long term damage to the skin and will cause scarring.

Almond or square toe shoes are a good choice to help prevent hammer toes

2. Steer clear of hammertoes 

Jamming feet into shoes that are too tight in the toe box area can also lead to ugly hammertoes whereby the toes are pushed back and forced into a claw shape which eventually leads to permanent deformity. As the toe becomes misshapen the toe joint sticks up above the other toes which means that wearing certain types of shoes becomes very painful. By wearing a shoe with a wider toe box this will help prevent toes being forced together into an unnatural shape. Shoes that are almond-shaped or rounded at the toe are much better in helping prevent hammer. 

best shoes for wide feet

Wide fit shoes give a little extra wriggle room for toes!

3. Help prevent bunions 

While most foot experts agree that bunions are mainly hereditary, wearing shoes that are too tight will only exacerbate any predisposed conditions and the continuous wearing of footwear that causes feet to be molded into an unnatural shape (think pointy shoes and Chinese foot binding!) can also lead to bunions. Wearing high heels too regularly, especially heels that are tight at the front, can also lead to bunions forming. We are not saying you shouldn't wear pointed-toe shoes or high heels but when you do make sure that they are the correct width. The wider the shoe the more space your feet have to spread and the less likely they are to be squeezed into unnatural shapes.

wide fit sandals

Let your feet breathe! You can't always wear sandals so choose leather shoes and wide fit options.  

4. Give your feet space to breathe 

Wide fit shoes give your feet extra space to breathe and your toes more room to wriggle. Where possible avoid man-made materials and opt for leather as it allows your feet to breathe which can help ensure you don't get sweaty feet which can lead to fungal infections.

wide fit blue suede heels

Heels are fine for certain occasions, as long as they are wide enough for your feet!

5. Extra space for an insole 

Flat shoes and ballet pumps are very popular and most people believe they are better for your feet than heels. This is a myth! Wearing completely flat shoes, especially shoes that have very little material (insole and sole) between your foot and the floor, can lead to collapsed arches, which can be very painful. If you do like wearing flat shoes, choose styles that have a small heel, cushioned insoles, and arch supports. A wide fit pair will also offer extra space for your feet to spread and if they don't already have sufficient padding then at least you have room to add an insole. Check here to see our range of flat and pumps.

wide fit loafers

Our Sam wide fit loafers will feel as comfy as wearing slippers but with the support and structure that you need from wearing shoes. 

At Sargasso & Grey, all of our shoes are made in a comfy wider fit. Our full collection of shoes can be viewed here..

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