Why So Many Women Have Wide Feet

53% of women have wide feet

Sargasso & Grey commissioned a survey of nearly 900 women in the UK to find out about their footwear habits. We were expecting some interesting results. What we were slightly surprised to learn was just how many women had "wide" feet. 


It's Not Me, It's You!

Of the 900 women we surveyed, a staggering 53% told us they needed a wider fitting shoe. So, does this mean the majority of women in the UK have wide feet or does it actually mean the shoes they wear are too narrow? Interpreting these results, it is clear that the average foot width of UK women is wider than the shoes being sold to them. Given most women will purchase the correct shoe size, this can only mean that the width is too narrow. And, if over 50% of women need the width to be wider, this means the average shoe is too narrow, not the average foot is too wide!

Our Shoes Are Made in a Wider Fit

We make all of our shoes in a wider fit. We do this by creating bespoke lasts (shoe moulds) with a specially adapted wider fitting toe box, which gives feet a little more breathing space. We also incorporate memory foam padded insoles and breathable arch supports into our shoes to ensure that every step is taken in complete comfort. After all, it is the small things that make a difference.

But, based on our survey results, maybe our "wide fit" shoes aren't wide at all. Maybe they are simply the right fit for the majority of the female population! Either way, the good news is that for those women who have decided to wear shoes that actually fit their feet, we have the perfect shoes!

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