Making Your Shoes Last Longer

Making Your Shoes Last Longer

Sargasso and Grey footwear is made using the finest quality leathers and suedes, which are soft and supple, to offer the greatest level of comfort. With care your shoes should last a long time, and we hope they will become your classic and timeless go-to shoes. There are many factors that can affect the longevity of your shoes, and the more care you put into them, the longer wear you will get out of them. Here are a few tips to help preserve your shoes for years to come.

Before we get into shoe care we must advise on foot care, ensuring the shoes are the correct fit for your feet. We advise you to wear the shoes at home for at least an hour a day before wearing them to your desired occasion. This allows the shoe to break in softly. You should know by wearing the shoes for an hour or so whether they fit well, or not. Materials such as suede will soften quicker than leather, so try wearing the shoes for an hour a day over the course of a few days. Suede and leather will give with wear, but if you find your toes are cramped or your feet are pinched we would suggest returning them for a half size bigger. Until you decide whether you are keeping the shoes, it is crucial to ensure you only wear them on a carpeted surface to prevent the leather soles from being scratched or marked. For hygiene reasons, please also wear tights or pop socks. Once you have decided you are keeping the shoes you can dance around the house in them to your heart’s content!

Step One: Prevent

Investing in a good quality shoe protector is one of the best preventative measures to avoid your shoes getting damaged. It is worth buying sprays specific to the material of the shoe, however there are many options which can be used on most materials if you’d rather only purchase one. The Kiwi shoe protector is a great versatile option with easy accessibility as it can be found in some grocery stores, online at Amazon, or on their own website. Spray your shoes all over with a protector before use and repeat these steps after every ten wears, or more if the shoes are regularly worn in wet weather.

Step Two: The First Wear 

Try to wear your shoes on a dry day for their first venture. Most of our shoes have premium leather soles, which are particularly vulnerable to wet weather. Extremely wet conditions can cause leather deterioration since it is a porous material, so it is best to avoid or minimise wearing your shoes in this weather when possible. They are also very slippery when new, so by wearing your shoes on dry ground (such as gravel or concrete pavements), the shoes are coated in a natural primer which adds a protective grip. Regardless, please ensure to take care when wearing the shoes on smooth surfaces and in wet conditions. Of course, it is not always possible or practical to avoid wet conditions so, if faced with the issue, it is best to let them dry naturally with some newspaper stuffed inside them. This aftercare is important because heat will damage leather and can affect the shape of the shoes, in some cases even the fit and the colour of them!  Many of our customers choose to take their shoes to a cobbler to apply half rubber soles before wearing them for the first time. Whilst this isn’t necessary from a wear and tear perspective, it is practical if the shoes are going to be worn regularly in wet conditions. Half rubber soles can always be applied at a later date or when the leather soles start to tire.

Step Three: Aftercare

After you have worn your shoes for a day, it is best to leave them to stand in a dry place. Wearing the same shoes everyday traps moisture within your shoes. This can reduce the lifespan of your shoes significantly, as moisture is responsible for causing shoes to smell. It can also inhibit the hold of the shoes causing them to lose shape. Allowing your shoes to rest between wears is important to keep them fresher for longer, and so you are able to get more wear out of them. Use the cotton shoe bag provided to house your shoes when you are not wearing them.

Step Four: Maintenance and Consistency

Wooden shoe trees are highly recommended for retaining the shape of your shoes. Great to use during the shoes’ rest period, they aid by absorbing moisture. These are great for preventing creases from forming in materials such as leather and suede also. It is not necessary to purchase some for every pair of shoes, as these can be rotated amongst your shoes and used on the shoes that were last worn. 
Maintaining your shoes by polishing and brushing them is a vital part of long-lasting footwear. Leather shoes require frequent polishing to prevent the material from becoming dry and cracked. A high quality wax polish will ensure that the leather is nourished and protected. Suede shoes require regular brushing and should be topped up with a water repellant after doing so.

Following this guide of tips and tricks, we hope you are able to love your shoes for longer!


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