Matching Shoes and Bags for Wedding or Special Occasions

Matching Shoes and Bags for Wedding or Special Occasions

When it comes colour matching shoes to an outfit, finding the perfect colour match can be tricky.  It is even harder to find the right shoes if you have wide feet. It can be a frustrating search and with more and more companies moving online, this could mean lots of time spent ordering shoes only to have to send them back. There is one major benefit of shopping online: in a shop, you only have minutes to try on the shoes. When you order online you can wear them for longer (around the house and on carpets of course!) to ensure they really are a good fit!

stylish silver wide fitting shoes with matching bags


What if you can't find the perfect match?

One solution to the problem of colour matching the outfit to the shoes is to find a colour that complements your outfit rather than being an exact match. Choose instead to match the bag or the hat to the shoes. By matching bags and shoes, or hats and shoes, you can create the perfect balance of two colours or tones.


Claret suede wide fitting occasion shoes and matching bags


Whilst we are in no way advising you to choose shoes that totally clash with the dress or outfit you have chosen, if you have a colour theme then it becomes much easier to coordinate the shoes and the bag and then the outfit itself can be a totally different shade of the chosen colour.

Navy wide fitting shoes with matching bag for Mother of the Bride

Many of our customers buy our shoes for special occasions, be they wedding guests, party-goers, Mothers of the bride or groom. For such occasions, a small bag is required. We picked some of our most popular wide fit shoe styles and created some beautiful bags to perfectly complement. All of the bags are the ideal size for holding your essentials and all are made from super-soft suede leather.

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