The Best Micro Heels For Wide Feet

The Best Micro Heels For Wide Feet

The Return of the Kitten Heel

Kitten heels have slowly been making a come back over the last two years, and we couldn't be happier!

In recent years, it seems lots of women have begun to prioritise their feet and dress with purpose and practicality. With trainers such a big part of today's society, comfort is definitely sought after. Factors including lockdown and hybrid working have definitely played a role in the desire for comfortable footwear, but as important as comfort may be, style is also an important component when looking for shoes, and trainers just don't make the cut for every occasion.

So, an 'in-between' option for a stylish yet practical shoe is the fabulous micro heel, also referred to as the kitten heel. Low and sturdy, yet equally as elegant as high heels, this silhouette is a winner! There are also many options of kitten heels to choose from, so it won't get boring if you find yourself reaching for them often. 

Why Should You Choose Micro Heels?

It makes sense that micro heels are better for your foot health than stilettos. The lower heel means that less of your body weight is placed onto the front of your foot, and so there is less pressure pushed forward onto the toe area. Furthermore, consistent pressure placed on your feet from wearing high heels regularly can cause many foot issues overtime, including Morton's neuroma and bunions. Consequently, micro heels are less painful than regular or high heels. This includes in the moment whilst wearing them, as well as long term foot pain.

Being closer to the ground of course makes the shoes a lot more stable than their high counterparts, so kitten heels are particularly good for those who are not used to wearing heels. Being able to balance better, means that you can elegantly look the part without being distracted from making special memories having to focus on stability.

Practically, micro heels are fabulous options offering good levels of comfort. Yet, one of the best natures of the kitten heel is its ability to work for any occasion. Versatility is definitely a strength of the style, as they are not too dressy or too casual, but the perfect combination of both. For this reason, they are extremely easy to pair outfits with, whether you are opting for a dress, skirt or jeans!

How To Style Kitten Heels

 Spring/Summer Dresses

A great footwear choice for warmer weather, the micro heel looks amazing paired with floaty summer dresses and floral prints. A better option for swollen feet also, there is less pressure on your feet as a result of the lower heel.

Complimenting Colours

A subtle heel does not mean you have to look subtle! Kitten heels can come in any colour and can be paired with a wide range of complimentary colours to achieve a fabulous.

Special Occasions

An occasion shoe that can be dressed up or down, of course micro heels are fabulous for special events. 

Cropped Trousers

Whether you opt for cropped trousers in the office, or even just in day to day activities, kitten heels are great company. 

Chunky Knits

Even in the colder months, micro heels are reliable. Offering more stability on surfaces that may be slippery from rain, whilst maintaining a formal appearance, they are a great practical option to pair with your chunky knits.

Classic Jeans

If you'd like to elevate a more casual look, a kitten heel is the perfect way to go! Elegance and sophistication, but not too much drama, a micro heel compliments jeans wonderfully.

Our Top Micro Heel Picks




As you can see, micro heels are extremely versatile across seasons, occasions and garments. A fabulous staple that can save you time and money, you can trust this style for last minute affairs as well as important ones. 



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