The Best Mother of the Bride Shoes For Comfort and Style

The Best Mother of the Bride Shoes For Comfort and Style

Comfortable Shoes For the Mother of the Bride 

wide fit stylish shoes for the mother of the bride or groom

When it comes to a wedding, every detail matters, and that includes the shoes you choose to wear. As the mother of the bride or groom, the day is especially important and you want to look and feel your best, while also being comfortable enough to enjoy the day. Any slight discomfort can negatively impact your experience, so it is our job to ensure your day is free of foot pain and related unnecessary stress.

What makes shoes fit for a Mother of the Bride?

1. Comfort

wide fit high heels for weddings and special occasions

Likely more important than it may be for other special occasions, the number one requirement when shopping for mother of the bride shoes is comfort. Key in supporting your feet for what tends to be a rather long day, it is advised that everyone in the wedding party chooses shoes with special comfort features that make it possible to stand (or dance!) all day. Soft leather or suede shoes are ideal, as they allow your feet to breathe and spread comfortably. These high quality materials ensure better durability also, and mean you are less likely to endure unwanted mishaps!

Wide fit shoes can assist in enhancing the comfort of your wedding shoes also, as they provide extra room where needed, so your feet won't be restricted and sensitive areas will not be squished. 

comfortable wide fitting ladies shoes

2. Elegant designs

elegant wide fit shoes for women for special occasions

Just because you want comfort doesn't mean you have to sacrifice style. The best mother of the bride shoes for women come in a variety of stylish designs, ensuring that you can find a pair that matches your outfit and personal taste. From elegant pumps to chic sandals, there's a style for every mother of the bride or groom.

3. Practicality

wide fit flat shoes for weddings

Especially important when on your feet for long periods of time, as well as possibly encountering different locations, it is crucial that the mother of the bride has practical shoes. The kind of practicality needed can vary between weddings and their unique environments. A wedding that has festivities outside, particularly on grass, would be better suited for thick, flat shoes or alternatively block heels. In another instance where there may be lots of walking on the scenic grounds, it would be recommended to wear shoes with a secure strap. Being well-prepared for what environments you may encounter will determine the practicality of your special shoes. 

Our Selection of Wide Fit Mother of the Bride Shoes

It is important that your feet are kept happy throughout the day, but it is also helpful if your shoes can last you for many occasions. Our top picks are perfect options that are ideal for the mother of the bride, but they also prove to be worthwhile, quality investments in your shoe closet as they last and look fabulous for years to come when well taken care of. 

Our Top Picks

Anya Wide Fit Platforms

wide fit stylish platform heels

An extremely smart design, Anya is a fabulous pick for the mother of the bride due to its platform silhouette. Embodying 'height without the pain' platform heels are able to add inches and elongate the legs without elevating your arches, meaning less pressure is placed on the front of your foot. Accompanied by a gorgeous organza tie that shapes the foot magnificently, this style is perfect for the mother of the bride.

Krista Wide Fit Sandal

 wide fit neutral heeled sandal

Low heeled sandals are one of the top options for the mother of the bride as they look and feel great. A supportive style, Krista features a practical buckle and sturdy block heel. Whilst being an open style that is great if you are in need of a breathable shoe, this style is particularly good for the mother of the bride because the intricate design of the upper fully covers the toe joint, concealing possibly sensitive areas. 

Tula Wide Fit Court Shoe

wide fit two tone occasion court shoes for women

A court shoe is always a classic and makes a fabulous 'go to' option for the mother of the bride. Our Tula style is just that, a classic, but with a twist! The mixed patent and leather design adds character and elegance, however it also adds a functional element. The patent toe prevents creasing around the toes as well as allowing for easy cleaning. Featuring a thick block heel, this style is great if you are attending a wedding that is situated on grass.

Indy Wide Fit Flats

Wide fit flat shoes for weddings and special occasions

Offering ultimate comfort, flats are always a good choice for the mother of the bride. Extra secure and padded to perfection, our Indy flats are the ideal shoes prioritising comfort. With a sleek, asymmetric design, these flats look as beautiful as they feel, and will have you focused on the special day with no painful distractions. 

Lena Wide Fit Sling-backs

wide fit sling back kitten heels

A great transeasonal style, sling-backs make great wedding shoes. Super sturdy with a little heel and practical buckle, Lena is a low heeled option providing total comfort.

Penelope Wide Fit Occasion Shoe

wide fit dress heels

Ideal for elegant affairs, Penelope may be one of the most flattering wide fit shoes you've ever seen. Extra-wide and designed to fully cover the toe joint and bunion areas, this style is smart and practical. Proving that it is possible to find a pair of shoes that encompasses comfort and style.

wide fit shoes for mother of the bride

So, if you're a mother of the bride or groom, don't overlook the importance of finding the perfect pair of shoes for the big day. With the best mother of the bride/groom shoes for women, you can have both comfort and style, allowing you to fully enjoy and celebrate this special occasion.

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