The Best Shoes for Swollen Feet and Ankles

The Best Shoes for Swollen Feet and Ankles

Swollen feet can develop at any stage of life coming about from many causes, and the struggle of having swollen feet can impact life greatly. Finding appropriate shoes that do not cause pain or discomfort can be extremely difficult, especially when searching in regular high street shops. Realising that accessibility to comfortable and stylish shoes is scarce, it is lucky that we have an extensive range of wide fitting shoes that can help if you suffer from swollen feet.

What Is It and How Is It Caused

Swollen feet is a result of fluid build up that is worsened by gravity. There are many common causes and often the condition goes away on its own. It is important to consult your doctor if the swelling comes about suddenly and surprisingly or feels very painful. 

how to manage swollen feet and which shoes to buy

Common Causes

Standing for long periods of time- Spending hours on your feet can cause the blood in your body to gather around the feet and ankles hence causing them to swell. This usually goes away with rest.

Salt- A diet with high salt content is one of the biggest causes of swollen feet due to the nature of sodium’s water retention. Limiting salt intake can help reduce swelling.

Pregnancy- Most women experience some form of swelling during pregnancy as the compression of the baby affects circulation throughout the body. However, if the swelling comes about suddenly you must speak to a healthcare provider as it may indicate preeclampsia.

Lymphedema- When there is an issue with the body’s lymphatic system, causing fluid build-up in body tissue. This is most common in the arms and legs, but can affect other areas depending on the cause.

Side effects of medication- There are many treatment medications that can often cause your feet to swell, many of which are prescribed for long-term conditions. 

What Should You Look For When Purchasing Shoes For Swollen Feet?

wide fit wedges with adjustable strap for swollen feet

Wide Fitting Shoes

Wide fitting shoes are a great option if your feet are prone to swelling. With extra room in the toe box, this allows space for your feet to breathe and spread comfortably without feeling restricted by the shoe (of which regular width shoes would cause). 

Adjustable Shoes

Swollen feet can often come and go, and the size of your feet can vary throughout the day. They are likely to be larger during hotter periods and at the end of the day after activities or even standing for long periods. Hence, it is important that you are able to adjust the shoe regularly to fit comfortably. 

Breathable Shoes 

Breathable shoes are important for those with swollen feet as they can help ease swelling and cool the feet. Hard and synthetic materials are not recommended as they can cause further irritation and impact your already swollen feet. Harder shoes can also be unforgiving and cause further pain from feeling restrictive as well as from a lack of shock absorption. It is best to opt for soft shoes that are sufficiently padded, as well as non-synthetic shoes, because they are less likely to rub. Leather shoes are particularly good for swollen feet as they are flexible and forgiving and are less likely to irritate your feet. 

We Recommend


wide fitting espadrilles for women

Our new espadrilles support swollen feet with hypo-allergenic insoles that reduce irritation and maximise breathability. These styles feature cushioned footbeds for ultimate comfort.

comfortable summer shoes for wide and swollen feet

Our flat espadrille option, Candy, is particularly great if you have swollen feet because they also offer adjustable velcro straps that can fit narrow to extra-wide feet and beyond. With the ability to alter the shoes throughout the day, these are a sure winner for those who spend hours standing on their feet. Super convenient, the shoe is easy to slip on and off for moments when you are on the go. An all-round winner, these are a staple for summer and your holiday wardrobe.


wide fit occasion shoes for swollen feet

One of our bestsellers, Ava never disappoints. The ideal occasion shoe, this style looks flattering against the foot as it is magnificently elegant and elevates any outfit for special occasions. The V-shape silhouette works to elongate the leg also.

stylish occasion shoe for swollen feet

Of course, the beauty of the shoe is not all as this style was specially designed to enhance comfort. With the adjustable lace-up fastening, the shoe can be altered to your desired fit, which is great for those with swollen feet or a high instep. Made with premium leather that is butter soft, these shoes will feel sublime whether your feet are swollen or just in need of some TLC!


wide fit padded loafers for women

Loafers are vital shoes for any seasonal wardrobe, but the closed style can often feel restricting if you tend to have swollen feet. Luckily, our Sylvie style is an extra-wide EEE fit, and so caters to those with wide or swollen feet. 

Made from ultra soft leather, these shoes offer just the right amount of softness that is supportive, yet forgiving. The soles are also incorporated with memory foam padding, as well as built-in arch supports, that will cradle your feet like a dream.

Wide-Fit Trainers

breathable and spacious trainers for swollen feet

Trainers are generally a practical style that are often recommended for all sorts of problem feet. Although, being a closed style means that they can also cause discomfort on swollen feet. 

wide fit trainers for swollen and sore feet

Our wide fitting trainers are scientifically engineered with comfort in mind with smart features including seamless stitching. This ensures there are no irritating lumps and bumps inside the shoes that may cause irritation against your feet. Not only this but the style is crafted to have an extra-wide and extra-deep toe box that is concealed within the stylish platform silhouette. Exquisitely spacious, these trainers are perfect for swollen feet.


wide fit heeled court shoe for swollen feet

A beautiful V-shaped court shoe, Helena is a style that looks and feels beautiful. Offering good coverage, the upper is cut to cover the widest part of the foot so there is more space for your feet to spread without the shoe cutting in. The stylish block heel helps to relieve pressure and spread your weight more evenly which aids stability. These are important features if you have swollen feet as they all work together to lessen discomfort. 

wide fit women's court shoe for swollen feet

Having swollen feet can impact your life greatly whether they cause horrible pain or make it extremely difficult to buy shoes. Hopefully, this guide will help you manage swollen feet if you have them, and improve your foot health for the better.


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