The Best Wide Fit Shoes to Wear to a Wedding

The Best Wide Fit Shoes to Wear to a Wedding

Wide Fit Shoes For Weddings and Special Occasions

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Wedding season is fast approaching and, for many, this can be a stressful time when choosing what to wear. If you have wide feet, you may be familiar with the struggle of finding beautiful shoes that look the part, without causing you to swap into something more practical as the day goes on.

The Occasion Wear Dread

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The occasion wear category is known for its bad rep surrounding comfort. Restricting garments, heavy accessories and harsh materials often come with the formalwear category, which has been a running theme throughout history, especially for women. 

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Ladies formal shoes are no exception and are often depicted as very high, narrow and unstable. They were not designed with comfort in mind. History tells us that ladies' shoes (with the majority being designed by men) were commonly designed to make a woman's feet appear smaller and more appealing, and even force them to walk and move slower.

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Most occasion shoes that are widely available even now are particularly uncomfortable, as they tend to be extremely high, narrow and made from restrictive materials. This can put a lot of pressure on your feet, of course causing pain in the moment, however the lasting effect of wearing inadequate shoes can be detrimental for your foot health. 

In modern day it is completely unnecessary to put your feet through such trauma as there are many measures you can take to ensure your feet are well looked after.

What Should You Look for When Choosing Shoes for a Wedding?

Wide Fitting

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Shoes that are made wider tend to be a better option for most western women. This is because lots of shoes off the high street are produced in eastern parts of the world, where women genetically have smaller and narrower feet. 

Wide fit shoes allow the feet to breathe and spread comfortably, avoiding forcing your feet into tight and unnatural shapes. This is particularly important for special occasions such as weddings as they tend to include long periods of standing in formal shoes. 

High Quality Materials

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Knowing that you will likely be on your feet for quite some time, it is extremely important to look for shoes made from high quality materials. Leather and suede shoes tend to be the best because they are breathable materials that soften against the feet nicely. They offer more support for your feet because they hold structure enough whilst allowing some give at the same time. Being natural materials, they are also one of the best sustainable options as they are biodegradable.

Shoes made to a lower standard from cheaper materials tend to be quite restricting against the feet as they either don't allow any give or are too flimsy to offer any support for the feet. There is also a higher chance that your feet will swell and hurt with these shoes. 

Thoughtful Designs

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Too often women's occasion wear is designed and produced by male counterparts who are not aware of how the clothes and shoes feel when worn. This causes a lack of practicality, comfort and thoughtfulness as the pieces are designed for aesthetic purposes.

Choosing brands with female designers, who also fit the intended target audience, is helpful to ensure that comfort is a priority for that brand. Generally, it means that more time has been taken to ensure top quality and the best possible fit.

Our Selection of The Best Wide Fit Shoes For Wedding Guests

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Luckily, we have the perfect selection of wide fit shoes that will allow you to celebrate all day long in shoes fit for a special occasion. All of our shoes are designed by women for women, and they all feature a wide toe box, so our broad range allows you to find a pair (or more!) that is best suited for you. 

Andrea Wide Fit Sling-Backs

ladies wide fitting navy sling back heels

Sling backs are a great option if you are looking for one shoe that can be used for a variety of occasions throughout the seasons. Being a half open style, it is great if you are after a medium coverage shoe that is super breathable and allows the whole foot to spread. Extra practical, the buckle allows for adjustment throughout the day, which is great if your feet tend to swell. 

Indy Wide Fit Flats

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Flat shoes are the most practical style and are especially great if you are headed to a wedding with grass or uneven ground. With very little pressure being placed on your feet, wide fit flats are ideal if you are expecting to walk across scenic grounds or even dance the night away. 

Clare Wide Fit Mary Janes

wide fit mary jane heels for formal occasions

Mary Janes are a classic elegant style for women and are not limited to how they appear. Our heeled wide fitting Mary Janes are fabulous for formal occasions as they look sleek and stylish. Of course whilst they look amazing, they are also super sensible and are sufficiently padded with memory foam in the insoles accompanied by a secure strap across the top of the foot. 

Anya Wide Fit Platforms

ladies wide fit black suede formal heels

Made to elevate any outfit (quite literally), platforms are one of the best statement shoes for weddings and special occasions. Crafted cleverly to add height whilst minimising pain, our wide fit platforms combine ultimate style and comfort. They create the illusion of height without adding more stress onto your arches, which also reduces the amount of pressure pushed onto your toes. A fantastic heel hack, platforms are a perfect choice for formal occasions!

Tula Wide Fit Courts

ladies wide fitting two tone court shoes

A court shoe is truly timeless and might be one of the most common wedding shoes! Our wide fit court heels are that and more, featuring a sublime 'soothe and smooth' bunion panel which wraps over the top of the toes. Enhancing your comfort so there is little to no irritation that interrupts your occasion, our court shoes are brilliant for special occasions!

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So, it is possible to celebrate the special day with your friends and family in comfort as well as style. With many so many of our wide fit shoe options available, you'll be wanting your schedule to be packed with weddings! 

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