Why Ballet Flats Are A Must-Have Style For Your Wardrobe

Why Ballet Flats Are A Must-Have Style For Your Wardrobe

Bring on the ballet pumps!

Unlike many other shoe and dress styles, ballet flats were not introduced through fashion the traditional way by being imagined and produced by fashion designers. As you can guess by their name, they were introduced through the performative culture of ballet dancing. 

ballet shoes

Before the classic, flat style came about, dancers would traditionally wear heels on stage. This was the case until a French dancer, Marie Camargo, wore ballet slippers on stage (as well as traditional ballet tights that were not typically worn at the time), influencing the popular style that we know today. 

ballet theatre

After the flat dance shoes were deemed more practical, Italian shoemaker, Salvatore Capezio, took the style to the next level. Opening a shoe shop in New York in 1887, Capezio often found himself repairing shoes for performers at The Met, and then began shoemaking. Becoming the official pointe shoemaker for the Metropolitan Opera House thereafter, the shoe silhouette became normalised within the ballet industry. 

history of ballet flats, origin of pointe shoes

In the 1940s, the style of shoe originally known for dance started to disperse into the fashion industry after Capezio collaborated with designer Claire McCardell. Featuring on the cover of Vogue in 1949, the off-stage version of ballet flats became more popular and loved by many. Designers such as Rose Repetto had a strong influence on the popularity of the shoe silhouette also, going on to create wearable versions for icons of the 50s and 60s including Brigette Bardot. Famous figures then created a demand for the style of shoe after they were seen everywhere from movies to events. 

wide fitting navy leather ballet flats for women

After, ballet flats were not rare to see incorporated into the personal style of many, and they fell in and out of trending periods. Popularity for the shoe style rose massively again in the 2000s and have since seemed to stick around permanently.

We couldn't be happier, with the silhouette making our top picks for a capsule wardrobe. Truly timeless, the dainty flats are here to stay and make a great staple for your wardrobe.

Why do you need a pair of ballet pumps in your wardrobe?

wide fit silver ballet flats for smart and casual occasions

Versatile for the seasons.

A shoe that can be worn throughout the year, the ballet flat is one of few styles not limited to just one season. Closed enough for sufficient shielding from the outdoor world, but dainty and light enough for warmer temperatures, you just can't go wrong!

Suitable for a variety of occasions.

Shoes that perfectly fit a smart/casual theme can be rare to find. Ballet pumps are ideal options for work or play as they possess a look of elegance, and their flat nature offers stability. Rest assured that you can wear this style from desk to dinner, or simply just while running casual errands.  

Air of elegance.

wide fit neutral shoes

Ballet flats deriving from the elegant style of dance means that they naturally encompass that graceful feel. The ideal feminine shoe, a ballet pump is sure to add a refined and sophisticated look to any outfit.

Wide Fitting Ballet Pumps

wide fit ballet flats for women in four classic colours

Of course, our ballet flats are not ordinary as they are crafted to be extra-wide in the toe box, fitting EEE widths. Our pumps, whilst keeping their dainty nature that ballet flats are known for, provide space for your feet to breathe and spread comfortably with this extra room. 

wide fit navy leather ballet flats

That is not all as our ballet pumps feature memory foam padding in the soft, leather insoles. A sublime cushioning in the bed of the shoe, this provides good shock absorption against hard, flat ground and also encompasses the foot well in a supportive manner. 

wide fit ballet flats in red leather

Made using butter soft leather, these ballet flats have a good balance of firmness and appropriate give. Uber comfortable, they are suitable for day long wear, and look fabulous throughout!

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