Comfort for a Fast Walker - Tips on Styling with Flat Shoes

Comfort for a Fast Walker - Tips on Styling with Flat Shoes

Who says a lady must wear a pair of heels to be elegant? Nowadays, comfort is becoming a more influential factor in our fashion decisions, and what is more carefree than sliding into a pair of flats that lets you dance, run, or simply stand for hours straight? We are still huge fans of heels because they are a staple item in the fancy-attire wardrobe, and can help to create a good body posture. With the increasing amount of wide-fit heels options (*check out our wide selection of gorgeous wide-fit heels for various occasions*), we can seek comfort in some lovely heels too. On the other hand, flats are a great alternative if you want something more casual and easier to hustle quickly in. If you are not a heel advocate, flats have no problem pairing with your lovely outfits too, whether it is your office, business look or your weekend-at-the-park-with-the-kids fit. With that said, there are still some styling thoughts that need to be done with flats, because they come in so many colours, materials, shapes, and styles. Here are a few tips on styling with flats that we have gathered for you!

Make Yourself Look Taller!

You may lose a few centimetres in height from wearing flats instead of heels, but you can make yourself appear taller and have longer legs in photos by choosing flats with a pointed toe, whether it is at the edge of the shoe or the topline. This visually slims your feet and extends your legs, instead of cutting them at a certain length, creating a more flattering image of your entire fit. 



Choose the Right Colour

Choosing a pair of shoes that have a similar colour to your trousers/dress or to your skin tone is another trick to make yourself look taller. There is also an informal rule in fashion that you should limit the number of different colours on your outfit to three, so it is more favourable that you match your shoes to your clothes instead of introducing another colour that distracts the cohesiveness of your look. However, if you want your shoes to get the shine of the night, make them pop! It is always fun to throw in some bright hues to make your feet wear the statement piece. 


Formal or Casual? - Material Matters 

Even though people do not go around touching each other’s shoes choosing the shoes made with the appropriate material is important to its visual presentation in specific occasions. For example, leather shoes give off a very polished, slick feeling, which is ideal for formal attire in the office. Suede or a similar soft fabric has a more comfortable and “friendly” aura, suitable for casual looks. 

Know your Fit

Flats are typically more comfortable than heels, but they still have a range of different fits for its width size, and it is important that you know whether you are a narrow-, normal-, or wide-fit. Buy shoes in your correct fit to prevent squeezing your toes! It is also helpful to find a pair of shoes with cushioned, breathable paddings (*like our all our Sargasso & Grey shoes!*)

Slip or Strapped On?

Slip-on flats are a life-saver when you are running late for your afternoon tea reservation. However, if you want your shoes to be a bit more secure, straps at the ankle make sure 100% that you won’t drop a shoe like Cinderella when dashing across the park. Our Kitty Cross Strap Flats are a winner for flats with straps because not only they are just elegant, the fact that the straps are crossed to an angle towards the toes will make your legs look longer, as discussed previously.

Take Care of your Feet

By the end of the day, no matter how comfortable your shoes are, they will be tired. Exfoliate, massage, and moisturize them thoroughly. Perhaps you might want to pop on a couple of foot masks and layback with a glass of wine. Relax. Love your feet and love yourself.

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