Top Tips for Choosing Shoes for a Special Occasion if you have Wide Feet

Top Tips for Choosing Shoes for a Special Occasion if you have Wide Feet


If you have a special occasion coming up this gives you a great excuse to buy a new pair of shoes! But before you rush out and purchase those to-die-for killer heels, be mindful that certain occasions, such as weddings, will mean you will be on your feet for much of the day. It is really important to choose a shoe that is comfortable as well as stylish, especially if you have wide feet. These tips will help you make the best choice for a pain-free event.

Choose the right heel height

If you usually wear flat shoes don't be tempted to wear sky-high heels, even if it is "just for one day". If you are not used to wearing heels then an all-day event, such as a wedding, is not the time to practice. Choose a heel that you can comfortably walk (and stand) in. If you are not confident wearing stilettos then choose a block heel or wedge heel, which will offer a more sturdy base than a stiletto. 

Block heel courts for a wedding


If you don't want to, or can't wear high heels, we have some lovely wide fit low heel and flat shoes available that will look just as elegant. Our Grace shoes, with stylish scalloped shaped edging, have a very modest block heel. If you want completely flat shoes our Kitty shoes are ideal, and our Sam flats look stunning with an evening gown or sleek trouser suit...


stylish wide fitting flat shoes

Avoid synthetic materials

We all hope for sunshine on the wedding day but hot weather can play havoc with your feet, especially wide feet, and even more so if you are wearing shoes which don't allow your feet to breathe. "Vegan" shoes are very popular right now, and whilst there are some fantastic shoes which are made using man-made materials which mimic the feel of leather, many non-leather alternatives are made using synthetic materials which simply don't allow feet to breathe. Shoes made of certain synthetic materials can cause your feet to sweat and swell, which means your shoes will rub and this could lead to blisters. If wearing closed-toe shoes, choose materials that allow your feet to breathe, such as leather or suede or canvas.
Even if it isn't a hot day, feet still tend to swell as the day wears on, so opt for shoes made of materials that are soft and supple and can expand with your feet. Soft leathers and suede, or canvas shoes are a good choice. Shoes that at least have a leather lining are your best bet. Avoid patent shoes on a hot day.  


wide fitting electric blue suede occasion shoes and matching bag

Open or Closed Shoes?

Open-toe shoes are really popular in the summer months as they help keep feet cool. However, some women would prefer not to show their toes, in which case opt for a pair of shoes that have open sides instead. These shoes will still allow air to your feet and help prevent swelling. Try a shoe such as our ever-popular Ava.


wide fitting occasion shoes perfect for mother of the bride


Consider the width

We surveyed nearly 900 women and over half told us they needed a wider shoe fit. Yet the choice of stylish wide fit shoes is limited when it comes to occasion shoes. Choose wisely when it comes to width. You may have found the perfect pair of shoes to match your outfit but if they are too narrow you won't be wearing them for long before they start crippling your feet. Whatever people say, it is unlikely that shoes that feel too tight when you first wear them will "give" as you wear them in. What is more likely to happen is that your feet will swell as the day wears on and the already too narrow shoes will only feel even tighter. 


Fashionable wide fitting shoes and bags

The shape of the toe can make all the difference

It is important to consider the shape of the toe when it comes to choosing the right shoes. Pointed toe shoes generally get a bad press because they encourage the toes into a tapered shape. However, a wide fit shoe with a pointed toe can be sleek and comfortable. Our shoes are all made with a wider fitting toe box, which means even in our pointed styles, there is much more room for your feet to spread. If your feet are quite square at the toes, consider shoes with an almond-shaped toe box. This type of toe box is less pointed and has more space for square feet.  


wide fit navy suede pumps with scallop edge


Secure your shoes!

Lace-up options or buckles add a little extra security if you feel unsteady in heels. Fastenings on shoes also help keep the foot securely in the shoe if you have thin heels and find you often slip out of shoes. Shoes with adjustable fastenings, such as our elegant Ava shoes, are perfect if you do find your feet tend to swell as the day goes on. 


stylish wide fit shoes and matching bags



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