Has lockdown changed your feet?

Has lockdown changed your feet?

Sales of heels and court shoes fell by 71% during the pandemic*. Sales of slippers skyrocketed and many people have spent months wearing no footwear at all!

As we come out of our third lockdown, people return to work, begin socialising again and start wearing more structured shoes, what is going to be the impact on their feet?

We’ve all heard about COVID TOE, but what about other foot issues? Has lockdown stored up huge problems for our feet?

Podiatrist and former Chair of the Royal Society of Podiatrists and Chiropodists, Lorraine Jones, notes that "months of slippers, bare feet and non-structured flip flops can cause changes to the soft tissues (muscles and ligaments) making getting back into more restrictive work footwear a challenge."


You may find it a struggle to wear heels or structured shoes

Weight gain can also be a contributing factor to foot issues, another side effect of being stuck at home with nowhere to go other than the kitchen cupboards! According to a recent Ipsos Mori survey 48% of respondents said they had put on weight lockdown. Weight gain can cause the feet to splay contributing to them flattening and widening.

The term “Flintstone Feet,” has been coined in the US to describe this situation, in reference to the cartoon where Fred and his Stone Age family never wore shoes.

Even those who have taken up exercise are not immune. A boom in those taking up running or lengthy walks during lockdown has led to an increase in people suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.


Take good care of your feet. You only have one pair!

We have seen an increase in new customers during the pandemic who now need wider fitting shoes. Wearing shoes with a wide fitting toe box helps ensure your feet have sufficient room to splay and sit comfortably within the shoe. The padded insoles and breathable arch supports offer additional comfort for feet. 


Choose wider fitting shoes with padded support for your feet


Getting back into high heels may be the least of our worries. Getting back into any shoes at all may be just as painful!

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