Navy Wide Fit Shoes

Navy Wide Fit Shoes

If you are looking for Navy wide fitting shoes for an occasion, for work, or for everyday wear, we have a comprehensive collection and we are sure you will find something to suit.

Navy Wide Fit Occasion Shoes

Our wide fitting occasion shoes are made from butter-soft navy suede and leather. Made with an extra-wide fitting toe box that gives your feet a little more space to breathe and relax, this extra-width will give superior comfort, which is so important when you have a special occasion to attend as you don’t want to be worrying about painful feet.

Ava Extra-wide Fit Court Shoe – Navy Suede

Our best-selling Ava shoes have an extra wide EEE fitting toe box, and an elegant V-shape fastening that serves to elongate the leg and secure the shoes on your feet (perfect if you are not a regular wearer of heels!). This fastening is particularly useful for those with a higher instep, as there is more freedom with the lace tie. The 6cm heel is sleek, but not too high, so you can walk with confidence. The insole is made of leather but has a PORON® memory foam padding to cushion the balls of your feet. The sole is made of leather which is a sign of a quality shoe that will last.


wide fit navy occasion shoes


Helena Extra-wide Fit Court Shoe- Navy Suede

This shoe is a must-have due to its classic style and it's comfy structure. 

The extra-wide EEE fitting toe box offers plenty of space for feet to breathe. The padded memory foam insole with breathable arch support makes this shoe perfect if you are attending an all-day event and need a really comfortable heel. The sleek design makes the shoe look elegant and easy to match with many outfits for a number of occasions.

The 6cm block heel is practical yet stylish and is perfect if you are not used to wearing heels for long periods of time. Beginner friendly, it aids with stability and helps to absorb pressure on your foot. An appropriate style for everyday use, Helena is definitely a wardrobe staple.

wide fit navy suede court shoe

Lola Wide-fit Court Shoe- Navy Suede

A twist (quite literally) on the classic court silhouette, our Lola style is a super stylish wide fitting shoe. The twist-knot design on the front of the shoe gives the style its 'edge' but the careful consideration for comfort is what makes this shoe truly great.

The V-shape cut of the upper is very flattering as it elongates the leg, whilst it also conceals the toe joint. This makes the style a great option if you are seeking something that is suitable for bunions, as the design ensures coverage over the area rather than cutting in to it. 

If you are after a roomy shoe, Lola is suitable as it encompasses a wide-fitting EEE toe box to allow for more breathing space. With the 6cm block heel also, this is definitely a shoe that can be worn as your everyday go-to or your formal favourite for occasions. 

stylish wide fitting navy court shoe

Catherine Extra-wide Fit Court Shoe- Navy Leather

A beautiful court shoe, our Catherine style is an elegant choice made from a buttery soft leather. This rounded toe design is perfect if you find pointed-toe shoes unsuitable for your foot shape.

Featuring a V-shape cut on the upper, it is super flattering and offers extra room in the toe box as it conceals the toe joint. The slim heel design adds a sophisticated and sleek look, whilst also incorporating a smart rubber heel tip that helps towards slip resistance. Like all of our closed court styles, Catherine features insoles incorporated with PORON® memory foam padding, as well as built-in arch supports, for added comfort and pressure relief.

wide fit navy leather court shoe

Caroline Extra-wide Fit Court Shoe- Navy Suede

Our Caroline wide fit shoe is a classic and timeless court shoe that is simple, understated and perfect for a party or special occasion. It is such a versatile style that you can also wear it in the office or with a more casual outfit.

Made of soft navy suede with an EEE extra wide fitting toe box, and designed with an almond toe, for those who wish to avoid pointed styles, the Caroline shoe is a timeless classic that will never go out of fashion. 

The leather insole has a PORON® memory foam padding to cushion the balls of your feet. It also features a breathable arch support to cushion the most tender part of the foot and help maintain balance whilst wearing heels. Like our Ava shoe, Caroline also has a high-quality leather sole, and a 6cm heel.


Whilst our Caroline court shoe is ideal for office or occasion, so too is our gorgeous Diana court.

Diana Extra-Wide Fit Navy Suede Court Shoe- Navy Suede

Made from butter-soft navy suede, with a pointed EEE extra-wide fitting toe box, this shoe is an elegant and timeless style in a more spacious fit. You can wear this shoe all day in total comfort and it won’t pinch your toes or squeeze your feet.

The shoe has a 6cm heel which is sleek yet not too high if you spend a lot of time on your feet, and the memory foam padded insole and breathable arch support offer crucial additional comfort features that will make all the difference to how your feet feel.


Navy Wide Fit Pumps 

Below are some low-heel options for when you are not quite comfortable with a higher, slimmer heel, but are still seeking something stylish. These are great for those who rarely wear occasion shoes or those who require less pressure on their feet. 

Grace Wide-fit Scallop Edge Pumps- Navy Suede

If you are looking for a stylish shoe with a more modest heel our Grace shoe is the perfect choice. Its exquisite scalloped edge design makes it ideal for an occasion but it is just as suitable as an everyday shoe and looks lovely with trousers or even jeans.

The wide EE fitting toe box has a squarer shape. The stylish 4cm block heel gives a little extra height whilst remaining practical. The insole has a breathable arch support and memory foam padding to ensure the shoes are completely comfortable all day long.


Navy Wide Fit Flat Shoes

If you are looking for stylish yet comfortable wide fit flats then we have some gorgeous options for you.

Alice Wide Fit Ballet Flats

Our new ballet flats are a classic design with butter soft quilted leather. The intricate rope bow on the toe adds an elegant twist and element of luxury to these gorgeous shoes. 

Crafted for wider feet, the EEE extra-wide toe box ensures that there is plenty of breathing space for your feet. With memory foam cushioning and durable rubber soles, these make Alice the perfect shoe for daytime. Suitable for long wear, these shoes will support you whether you are on your feet for hours on end or just popping out to run errands. 

wide fit ballet flats

Leni Wide Fit Navy Flats

Our Ava wide fit heels are so popular but with COVID providing little reason to wear heels we decided to introduce a flat version of our best-selling shoe and it has proved just as popular!

Made with the same extra wide fitting EEE toe box which is cut to conceal bunions and relax around your feet (no squashing, squeezing or pinching here!), Leni is the ideal shoe for everyday wear. That said, it is also perfect for a special occasion because it is extremely elegant.

Like the Ava shoe, the triangular-shape of the straps come together in a bow fastening creating a V-shape which serves to elongate the leg. You can adjust the fastening to suit, which is ideal if you find your feet start to swell as the day wears on.

The 1cm heel provides support for your heels (podiatrists advise against flat shoes with no heel) and the PORON® memory foam padding will cushion the balls of your feet. We are confident these shoes will feel like you are wearing slippers!


Sorcha Extra-Wide Fit Flats -Navy Suede

Our Sorcha navy wide fit flats are also made with an extra wide fitting EEE toe box. The upper, made of super soft suede is cut into a V-shape so that it cleverly covers and conceals bunions and swollen toe joints. Whilst the toe is pointed, the extra-width of the toe box means your toes won’t feel squashed or pinched.

A classic ballet style flat in a timeless design that also incorporates super comfort features, our Sorcha shoe will some become for go-to shoe for daily life. Created for busy women who want fashionable shoes that also feel fabulous on their feet!




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