How to incorporate animal print in your wardrobe

How to incorporate animal print in your wardrobe

Animal print has long been a staple for most stylish women, making regular appearances on runways around the world. Previously reserved for the winter wardrobe, leopard, snakeskin, zebra, and tiger prints now feature all year round. Whether it is a bag, a pair of trousers, a dress, a jacket, or a pair of shoes, animal print is hot!

Tips on finding the perfect animal print pieces for you

Before you run out to a store (OK, not much fun under the current circumstances) to buy animal print clothes this season figure out what print of style you want. Animal prints have taken over stores and can be overwhelming. It will be easier to go into a store knowing what kind of animal print piece you are looking for rather than searching through racks and racks of clothes in blind confusion.    

Tip 1: Look for existing animal prints in your closet.

Before buying or looking at any animal print styles online or in-store check out your wardrobe for existing animal print pieces. Animal print comes and goes in fashion so chances are you already own some pieces you have been dying to bring back out.  

Tip 2: Pinterest

Check out Pinterest to get ideas of how you want to pair animal print with your existing clothes. Pinterest can show you how others are rocking the look this season. Posts vary from a little pop of print to full-on animal print head to toe!      


Tip 3: Ask yourself what kind of animal print pieces will you REALLY wear?

You do not want to go out spending money on a trendy animal print outfit if you are unsure if you will really wear it. Every person is different when it comes to fashion, some are more up to date on trends and ambitious with their style while others are more reserved and traditional. Ask yourself if you would wear a small statement piece like a belt, a bag, or a pair of shoes in animal print, or a big animal fur jacket, a printed pair of trousers, or even a two-piece matching set? Figuring out where your style lies before shopping will prevent you from buying a piece that you will never wear.  

Tip 4: Check out what animal prints are offered.

After you have an idea of what style of animal print you want, check out your favourite stores online to see the prints and styles they are offering. Each store is going to be offering different animal print clothes and accessories. Already having an idea of which stores offer what you are looking for will make shopping easier and less stressful.  

Different ways to wear your animal print

Once you have found animal print pieces you want to incorporate into your wardrobe it is time to figure out how to incorporate the trending animal prints to fit you and your lifestyle. There are a few simple ways to spice up your style with the trending animal prints. 

Tip 1: Mix Solids with Animal Prints

One way to add animal print into your everyday outfits is by mixing solids with animal prints. Most animal prints come in earthy tones that mix well into your typically autumn and winter outfits. Try taking a simple pair of black trousers and pair them with some leopard pumps, giving your typically autumn outfit that extra pop of style. If you want more than just a pop of animal print try a larger statement piece like a leopard print jacket or sweater.¬† No matter which way you go you will find a statement animal piece that pairs perfectly with solids making it easy to achieve that on-trend look.  

Way 2: Animal Prints in the Workplace

Try adding a pair of animal print shoes to your typical work outfit. Our leopard print pumps are great for work and everyday wear. Try pairing a black suit set with these shoes.  

Way 3: Accessories

Accessories are always a great way to ease into patterned clothes. You can add an animal print scarf or belt to any outfit that does not already have any patterns going on. By pairing a typical pair of jeans and a white t-shirt with a snakeskin or other animal print belt will jazz up your outfit making it trendy and fun. For a night out maybe try pairing a little black dress with an animal print bag or clutch. Dip your toe in the water for animal print with our stylish wide fitting leopard print pumps or our gorgeous leopard print and black suede boots. For more animal print inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards

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