Creating a capsule wardrobe. The rule of 3!

Creating a capsule wardrobe. The rule of 3!

Sometimes it's best when less is more. This can be the case when you create a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe has endless appeal. Carefully collated classic pieces that all match effortlessly with each other to create multiple stylish outfits, saving precious time in the morning when you are rushing to get out of the door.

If you would like to slim down your style and create a capsule wardrobe that works around your lifestyle then we have some tips to get started. As as you probably already own some of the key pieces that work so well in a capsule wardrobe, you may not even need to flex the credit card! 

Here are our top tips to create the perfect minimalist wardrobe...

1) It may sound obvious but it is important to create a collection that truly reflects your life and lifestyle. Don't choose or buy what you think you would like to wear; choose according to what you will actually spend most time wearing. If you spend most of your time working in an office and need to look smart then you need to choose clothes that will work for the office and at home (note: smart needn't be suits), whereas if you spend much of your day on the go, but can get away with a more casual look, you can choose clothes and shoes that accommodate your out-and-about lifestyle. 

2) A crisp white shirt is a MUST. They work for pretty much all occasions. 

3) You don't need heels to look like the consummate professional or to make an evening outfit look elegant. The right choice of flat shoes can work well in an office, on a night out and at the weekend. 

4) Accessories can make the outfit. Just don't overdo it!

5) Look for simplicity in pieces. Prints can go out of fashion quickly. Instead, make a statement with some bold colours and stylish shoes. 

6) Follow the 3-year rule: If you haven't worn a piece of clothing, or a pair of shoes for 3 years, there is probably a really good reason why. If clothes are a poor fit, think about getting them altered. Don't hold onto clothes that are too small or shoes that are too tight. It's just unnecessary and depressing! Sell them or give them to someone else who might benefit, and make space for something new!


We have created a capsule wardrobe using only 3 items for each clothing category. We have even managed to combine dresses and trousers.

Given the concept of a capsule wardrobe is that less is more, you may feel it lacks excitement and colour. They certainly aren't for everyone, and you can always extend your wardrobe beyond 3 key pieces per category to include a bit more colour and fun. This is only a guide.

The great thing about a capsule wardrobe is that is sustainable. We are recommending pieces that you can wear today, tomorrow and for years to come. It's not fast fashion; it's timeless style.

Before we show you our outfit ideas, here are the items which we have included in our wardrobe...


We have chosen black crop trousers which are timeless and flattering for most women. They are also so versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.  A pair of jeans is a great addition for comfy casual and we have added a dress for the times when you need a little elegance. If you don't like wearing dresses, why not swap the dress for a polka dot jumpsuit or wide-leg trousers? 

Although we advised against prints, we have chosen polka dots because not only are they eye-catching but they have been popular for years, yet continue to remain on-trend. We don't think you can go wrong with a pop of polka dot!

trousers and dresses for a capsule wardrobeTOPS

We chose 3 tops that are truly versatile. Black polo necks have been chic for decades. Just think Audrey Hepburn! A crisp white shirt is a must for a capsule wardrobe and we added a pop of colour with a green silk blouse which can be worn in an office, in the evening, or simply with a pair of jeans.  



This capsule collection is for year-round wear but in the colder months, you would need to add a warm coat. Our picks are for spring days and cooler summer evenings.



The average British woman owns around 24 pairs of shoes and whilst we love it when you buy our shoes, dare we say it, you probably don't need that many pairs! For the purposes of this exercise, we narrowed our selection to 3 of our most popular styles. If you wanted to add boots to your capsule wardrobe, why not swap the Sam flats or the Grace Leopard print for our stylish Hero tan leather boots.

perfect shoes for a capsule wardrobe


You can go mad with accessories and the sort of jewellery you wear is really personal. For our capsule wardrobe, we have opted for gold coloured jewellery but we understand your preference may be for silver or coloured gems. Accessorising a capsule wardrobe is easy, so choose what best suits you. Just remember that less is more!

accessories for a capsule wardrobe


We have divided the outfit ideas into 4 categories; Work (and have covered smart work and work casual), When Style Matters, and Weekend...


work wear for a capsule wardrobe

The great thing about the outfit above is that you can switch seamlessly from the office to the evening with this lovely green blouse. When it's time for cocktails, just remove the jacket and add the black clutch!

Casual office attire capsule wardrobe

This outfit is perfect if you have a more business casual office policy. Smart, yet casual. The tan loafers are the perfect shoes to commute and then work all day in total comfort. 

capsule wardrobe ideas wide feet

This outfit is ideal for spring. Whilst there is a lot of black in this outfit, if the sun shines you can remove the jacket and you have a lovely smart summer dress to show off!

Office attire for a work wardrobe

Leopard is the new black. Say no more....

When Style Matters...

Whether it's lunch with a friend, drinks after work or a dinner date, we have curated 5 outfits which will ensure you look chic and stylish for whatever the fabulous occasion!


capsule wardrobe collection ideas

The perfect office and evening outfit, simply by adding a black clutch. This outfit would also be perfect for a wedding or party.

ladies who lunch - capsule wardrobe ideas.

By wearing the polo neck over the dress, not only do you create a new outfit, it also means you can use the dress on colder days. The polo neck also makes the dress slightly more casual. Perfect if you are popping out for lunch with friends!

style meets comfort capsule wardrobe ideas

This outfit is the perfect combination of style meets comfort. The pop of colour from the shirt brings the outfit alive but the jeans ensure you never look overdressed. 

minimalist look for a capsule wardrobe

A stylish, yet minimalist look for understated elegance


We've got your weekend style needs covered. Whether you choose to relax and keep it casual, or whether you want to go glam, this capsule wardrobe can handle it all...

Weekend Relaxation - capsule collection

Our loafers make the perfect weekend shoes. They are so comfy, you will feel like you are wearing slippers, except you will obviously look way more stylish! 

weekend capsule collection style

Jeans are a weekend staple once your find the perfect fit! We have chosen slim fit which taper at the leg (note: not skinny jeans!) and are flattering to women who may be wider at the hips or waist. 

The green shirt makes another appearance as we think it is perfect for dressing up. jeans, especially when teamed with our stylish and super comfy Ava heels!

If you have a semi-smart weekend event, pair a white shirt with your black trousers and either a pair of Ava heels or our Grace leopard print pumps. 


We have used our Ava black heels, our Sam tan loafers and our Grace leopard print pumps for our capsule wardrobe collections. To view all of our shoes, click here


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