Occasion Shoes Without the Height

Occasion Shoes Without the Height

Stylish Wide Fitting Occasion Shoes

Do you have an upcoming wedding or event that has you dreading the dress code? It is expected to dress in a formal manner for such events, however, there is a common misconception for women that formal equates to high heels. This is because historically in western culture, impractical footwear (high heels) indicated that you were of a higher social class, as they were not affordable. High heels were introduced in the West after influence from Middle Eastern cavalry for many reasons, such as being a method to increase height, and to avoid long dresses from touching the floor. Over the years, the silhouette became more and more associated with femininity. Subsequently, this then kicked all types of flat shoes into the casual category.  

Picture of wide fitting black suede occasion shoes
Our gorgeous Ava shoes are a beautiful and elegant option, and they do embrace femininity, but that is not to say that flat shoes do not also!

Slowly but surely, flat and comfortable shoes are becoming normalised in the formalwear category. Within recent years, more places of work have started allowing even trainers to be worn by employees if they wish. Now, I am not suggesting that you wear trainers to a wedding, but it definitely shows that there is some wiggle room in formalwear. 
The exciting part is looking for flat and comfortable shoes, of which also look beautiful! Textures and materials play a big role in deciding if a shoe is smart or not. Metallic and shiny materials tend to be more formal as they are not seen as ‘plain’, and are often associated with party-wear. We have a variety of styles and designs to cater to all your needs, depending on the occasion. One of our smartest pairs is our ‘Venetia’ style. This new style comes in black suede and gold leather for when you’re feeling extra dressy! The knot detail on the shoe spices up the look in a jazzy sense alongside the high quality, soft gold leather. These are definitely a head turner!

Our Venetia flats are the perfect statement shoes!

Recently, the Covid19 pandemic has had somewhat of an impact on footwear. As many of us spent time in ‘lockdown’, we also got used to wearing ‘barely there’ shoes such as slides and slippers, or even no shoes at all. As a result of this, it is common to notice changes to your foot size/shape, as well as finding outdoor shoes uncomfortable- particularly heeled shoes! This can be a great issue, especially for those who need to dress smart regularly or even daily. Our ‘Sorcha’ flats would be a great addition to your wardrobe if this is the case, as they are a classic and plain style with a flattering and sleek design! The style comes in three neutral colours (black, navy and tan), with the navy pair being an alternative suede option.This style offers versatility and classiness. 

Subtle heels are another great option for those wishing to avoid high heels. Kitten heels were initially created for younger girls to wear to formal occasions before they were able to walk in higher heels. Of course, they are not bound to this demographic now, and are currently trending this Autumn/Winter. Designers, such as Prada and Saint Laurent, have produced many versions this season, and the rise of secondhand shopping has encouraged the circulation of vintage kitten heels. The practical, yet flattering silhouette seems to be the perfect solution for many! Recently, we have released our new Tilda style, which is a cognac leather kitten heel. The leather is buttery soft and ensures superior comfort. Furthermore, the extra wide EEE fit provides plenty of breathing space for your toes, and helps to relieve pressure off of the front of your foot- which many heels are guilty of increasing!
Our Tilda shoes will have you feeling elegant as ever, whilst your feet are truly supported!
So, if you have an upcoming formal occasion, do not stress! Today, there are plenty of low heel height options available for everyone, and there is no need to compromise style and elegance in order to feel comfortable. Wear the shoes that work best for you because the true elegance is found within confidence, which you can only achieve with shoes, clothing and accessories that you are comfortable wearing!

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