Best Stylish Shoes for Swollen Feet

Best Stylish Shoes for Swollen Feet

Finding the best shoes shoes for swollen feet.

There are many reasons why feet swell, such as pregnancy, weight gain, standing or sitting in the same position for too long, taking certain medicines or even eating too much salt. For many swollen feet will be a temporary problem, others may find their feet are permanently swollen. If this is the case it is important to find footwear that not only offers comfort for swollen feet but doesn’t make the problem worse.

At Sargasso & Grey, all of our shoes are made in an extra wide fitting. Depending on how swollen your feet are some of our shoes may not be suitable, but a number of styles could work well for you and provide you with the comfort you need, as well as the style you want!


soft suede shoes for swollen feet
These extra wide shoes have a soft suede upper with hidden stretch panel 

What makes our shoes the best for swollen feet?

  • All of our shoes are made with an extra wide fitting toe box which means they offer more space for feet to breathe. They won’t pinch or squash your feet, which is especially helpful if they are swollen
  • All of our shoes have padded insoles to cushion the balls of your feet. Swollen feet will often be very painful, especially if you suffer from diabetes, so having soft padded insoles to cushion your feet will feel really great!
  • Most of our shoes also have breathable padded arch supports, which will provide a soft pillow for the most tender part of your feet.
  • Our shoes are made from butter soft leather and suede which have the ability to gently mould to your foot shape. Swollen feet are also prone to sweating and leather, as a natural material will absorb sweat. That is why all of our shoes are made from premium leather, with leather insoles.
  • Certain styles, such as our hugely popular Ava shoes (pictured below), have adjustable straps so if you find your feet tend to get more swollen as the day goes on you can loosen the fastening as required. Our Ava shoes are perfect for a special occasion. Occasion shoes for swollen feet are particularly hard to find!
wide fitting shoes with adjustable straps for swollen feet

Ava shoes with adjustable fastening for swollen feet


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