Wide fit wedding shoes for bunions

Wide fit wedding shoes for bunions

Did you know that over 15% of women in the UK have bunions? This means, if you are looking for wedding shoes to accommodate bunions then you definitely won’t be alone. Why then are there so few wedding shoes designed to accommodate bunions, especially when it comes to designer heels?


Many women who wouldn’t usually splurge on a pair of designer heels decide to treat themselves to a luxury pair of shoes on their special day. After all, a pair of designer heels seems like less of an expense given the price of most wedding gowns. But, with no designer brands making wedding shoes sufficiently wide enough in the toe box to comfortably accommodate bunions, sadly luxury wedding heels are often not an option for bunion sufferers.


wide fitting wedding sandals for bunions

Dance all night in our wide fit sandals with padded memory foam insoles 

At Sargasso & Grey we understand how important it is to have wedding shoes that are not only beautiful but also exceptionally comfortable and that is why all of our shoes are made with an extra wide fitting toe box which means that they can happily accommodate feet with mild to moderate bunions.

The upper section of our beautiful bridal flats are cut so that they completely cover the toe joint. This means that the leather won't cut across the bunion area. It also means bunions are completely concealed. 

We completely understand that on your wedding day the last thing you need to worry about is painful feet so not only are our shoes lovely and spacious where you need them, they also have additional comfort features such as leather insoles with a soft memory foam padding, as well as breathable arch supports which will provide a soft pillow for the most vulnerable part of your foot whilst you dance the night away.


Wide fit bridal shoes for bunions


Our soft grosgrain wide fit shoes are perfect if you have mild to moderate bunions and will keep your feet feeling comfy the whole day and night

When we talk of luxury shoes we also mean that our wide fit shoes are made from premium leathers which are extremely soft. The soles of our shoes are also made from leather, which is a sign of a quality shoe that is crafted to last.

If you want Cinderella shoes, you have come to the right place! Whether you are looking for heels or flats, open or closed toe shoes, simple or sparkly styles, we are sure that our collection of wide fitting bridal shoes will have something that is perfect for you.

Wide fit bunion shoes for mothers of the bride 

We also make exquisite shoes and matching clutches for mothers of the bride and groom so now you have found us don’t keep us a secret!



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