The Best Wide Fit Shoes for Bunions

The Best Wide Fit Shoes for Bunions

Wide Fitting Shoes that are Suitable for Bunions

guide on shoes for bunions

Finding comfortable shoes that are accommodating for bunions can be extremely difficult. If you have experience with bunions, you know that one of the worst feelings is having your shoes irritate and cut into them. From mild to severe, they can be intensely painful, yet most regular fitting shoes do not consider this and can often worsen them. So, we have created a guide on some of the best wide fitting shoes to wear if you have bunions.

Why You Should Not be Embarrassed if You Have Bunions

comforting image reassuring not to be embarrassed to have bunions. lady covering face in embarrassment.

Surrounded with a bit of a stigma, bunions are a topic that many feel the need to keep hidden to avoid embarrassment. Hearing words such as deformity and abnormality surrounding the subject matter evokes a feeling of shame, which impacts many people mentally on top of the already existing physical pain. As a result of this, it can feel like a bit of a shock when realising that you may possess the painful bump on your foot.

In reality around 14 million people in the UK suffer from bunions, of which around 10 million are women. Bunions are hereditary, however there are many factors such as hormones and footwear that can trigger the formation of them or worsen existing bunions. They are especially common in women above the age of 45 as age and bunions are directly correlated, and pregnancy and menopause can play a part in the movement of ligaments/bones in the foot.

So if you feel alone coming to terms with the foot ‘abnormality’, rest assured that they are actually completely normal and a lot more common than it seems!

What Makes a Suitable Shoe for Bunions?

There are many factors that make a shoe suitable for bunions, but a wide and deep toe box is especially important to avoid discomfort. At Sargasso and Grey we have a range of EE and EEE fitting styles (wider than regular shoes which are a standard D fit), with our designs made from bespoke lasts to ensure extra room in the toe box. These vary from trainers to glittery heels, so there are plenty of options across the board for styles appropriate to your desired occasion. Looking to improve every day, our newer styles are also designed to fully cover the toe joint to prevent the edge of the upper from cutting into the painful toe area.

Another component that makes a shoe wearable for people with bunions surrounds the softness of a shoe. Materials that are too stiff or rough will irritate and put pressure onto the problem area. It is vital that the upper of the shoe and the toe bed support the whole area of the toe joint. Our shoes are made from butter soft leather/suede leather, so the shoes feel delicate against the foot and expand appropriately. Furthermore, we make sure to use insoles incorporated with memory foam padding, so that your feet are cushioned and supported well. Many bunions are formed or worsened by the movement of ligaments and loss of fat in the feet that naturally comes with age, so a padded sole can be preventative to further damage.

sketch of wide fit court shoes with labels pointing to the padded insoles and construction of the shoes.

Styles to Look at if You Have Bunions

Below are a variety of wide fitting shoes by occasion that are suitable to wear if you have bunions.

Casual Daytime

wide fitting grey leather trainers on model in front of brick background.

These trainers are one of our roomiest styles available. Carefully designed, they feature padded heel cups and have an extra deep toe box. The seamless stitching ensures that there is no irritation on any problem areas, where it may usually rub. They are supper lightweight and supple, and are definitely on our 'must-haves' list if you have bunions.

Smart Daytime

Lily Wide Fit Bootswide fitting ankle boots with 7cm heel in black suede.

Elegant and chic, these boots will have you looking stylish whilst feeling comfortable. Made from butter soft suede leather, they encompass the foot gently and stretch appropriately. With their EEE fit, there is plenty of breathing room in the toe box, and the shoe features PORON® memory foam padding so the foot is supported well from underneath. 

The design of these shoes allows versatility for occasion as the can be dressed up or down according to your needs. The smart 7cm heel is super flattering yet isn't too high where there could be added pressure on the balls of your feet. 

Evening/Special Occasion

Penelopewide fitting silver leather heels with strap

Currently available in five colours, this style is super sleek and graceful. Featuring a sensible strap across the foot and a 6cm heel, they are secure and sturdy and can even be worn by heels beginners. With an extra wide (EEE) fitting toe box, there is plenty of breathing room surrounding the toes, and they have been designed to cleverly conceal the toe joint. This makes them especially comfortable for those with bunions as the upper will not cut into them. The soft leather insoles are incorporated with PORON® memory foam padding like many of our other styles, which embeds the foot comfortably and relieves pressure.

Comfort should not come at the expense of style, so we are making it our mission to create shoes that are both beautiful and supportive. Our designs are ever-changing as we discover new smart technology and shoe construction to make this possible. To find more elegant styles suitable for bunions click here

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