The Best Trainers for Wide Feet

The Best Trainers for Wide Feet

Trainers Suitable for Wide Feet

You would be forgiven for thinking all trainers are suitable for wide feet. Trainers tend to be wider than most shoes as they often have a wider rubber sole. However, most trainers are still made to a standard width fitting, which can be too narrow if you have wide feet. 

At Sargasso & Grey we make our trainers with a wider and deeper toe box. The extra width in the toe box area helps ensure toes are not squashed and the deeper toe box also provides relief if your feet are prone to swelling. We understand that high quality materials are vital when creating comfortable shoes, so our trainers are no different in quality from our other products. Using premium soft leather, these trainers will mould to your feet.

wide fitting white trainers with burgundy stripe in front of a brick background.

Focused on top comfort, we have researched other ways in which we can improve the feel of wide fit trainers. Working with experts, we have ensured that our trainers are made with seamless stitching. Having personal experience in discomfort from the stitching in regular trainers means that we have prioritised this smart feature. We believe it affects the practicality of the style of shoes, which are historically supposed to be a comfortable option.

wide fitting grey trainers on a grey sofa

Whilst width and comfort is of utmost importance, we believe that trainers should be stylish also. Our goal is to eradicate the misconception that “beauty is pain” because there is no reason that this should be the case. It is important to feel as good as we look, no matter the occasion. For this reason, we have designed these trainers to look ‘classy casual’, with the option for seven different colour-ways. Accessibility is important, so why shouldn’t there be a style option for everyone?

collage of wide fit trainers in seven different colourways (gold stripe, claret stripe, navy stripe, leopard stripe, navy, black and grey.

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