Advice for finding the perfect Mother of the Bride outfit

Advice for finding the perfect Mother of the Bride outfit

Top Outfit Tips for a Mother of the Bride or Groom

The question has been popped, the plans are being laid and you have gained the prestigious title of Mother of the Bride or Groom (MOTB/G)! Now comes the all-important task of finding the perfect outfit for the day. Here are some top tips of dos and don't when it comes to outfit shopping

1) Don't leave it too late!

You want to be looking and feeling your best on this special day, and it may well be the case that wearing formal outfits (or even dresses) does not make you feel too comfortable, so give yourself lots of time to shop around and try all sorts of outfits. Leaving it too late may mean a rushed purchase which you later regret.

Don't panic shop!

2) Try everything!

You may well have the ideal outfit in mind, or you think you do. Or maybe, you visualise what a MOTB/G should look like (big hat, formal jacket, fitted skirt) but this may not be you, and even if it is, perhaps this occasion is an opportunity to break out of your normal mould, Spread your fashion wings and soar!

Regardless of whether you choose to splash out, book a session with a personal shopper or style advisor, who will take an objective view of your body shape and your colour palette and suggest outfits that perhaps you would never think of. When you think about it, many brides have their ideal dress in mind, only to find that something completely different suits them better, all because they tried lots of dresses on. Take the same approach!  

3) Before you choose your outfit, find out the colour scheme for the wedding

Whilst you don't necessarily want to wear the same colour as the bridesmaids, you would hate to clash! Perhaps you could give a nod to the colour scheme without having to fully embrace it, through your choice of shoes, hat or handbag. Perhaps a dress with a pattern containing the colour scheme would be appropriate.

Know the colour scheme of the wedding.

4) Discuss your outfit plans with the bride

Ideally, you should also consult with your counterpart on the groom/bride's side. My own mother told me when she got married, her Mother-in-Law wore exactly the same hat has her ex-husband's new wife! Avoid such dramas by notifying the other side of the family as to your outfit intentions.

5) Shoes should definitely NOT be an afterthought.

On the contrary, if you are wearing shoes that don't fit properly, it will be all you are thinking about all day! It would be such a shame to go to all of the trouble of finding the perfect outfit, perhaps even spending a small fortune on it to then find yourself hobbling around in, or worse discarding, your painful shoes and exposing your throbbing feet!

Choose a pair of shoes that are spacious enough for your feet to expand a little over the course of the day, If you are not used to wearing heels, but feel you should for the wedding, then choose a kitten heel or block heel. Or, opt for a pretty low heel pump. Wear them around the house for a while so that you can tell if they are going to be a shoe that you can wear all day.

Don't choose shoes that will be so painful you need to discard them. Opt for comfy, yet stylish, shoes that you can wear all day and night.

6) Keep your outfit classy, and avoid trying to be too trendy

Whilst you are an important part of the wedding, it isn't about you so keep your outfit stylish, and classy. There is no need to draw unnecessary attention to yourself or to take attention away from the bride. Whilst this is definitely an opportunity to showcase a new hairstyle or break away from your usual style, there is no need to be a Peacock!

7) White is alright‚ BUT only in moderation!

Whilst white, ivory or cream should not be the main colour for your outfit (so no white dresses or trouser suits), there is no reason why you can't wear these colours as part of your outfit. A white top with a coloured skirt or a white jacket with a patterned dress would look fine.

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